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The gift of time to grieve: Why we take care of the wake.

In our adult lives, it is not uncommon to witness the ripple effects of loss within families. The responsibility of planning the funeral and wake often falls upon those closest to the deceased, who are understandably already consumed by grief. This presents a challenging situation.

Imagine this: the spouses or children, those closest to the departed, are deeply immersed in their sorrow. The emotional toll of their loss makes tackling logistical details like venue bookings and catering arrangements incredibly challenging, leaving them feeling utterly overwhelmed and unable to focus on saying goodbye. They yearn to create a truly special farewell, a celebration of a unique life, but time constraints and the burden of logistics often force them into impersonal, generic arrangements.

Yet, delegating these tasks to more distant relatives can be another hurdle. While extended family might have a clearer headspace to handle logistics, their own lives are often filled with work commitments and family responsibilities. Finding the time and energy to manage complex arrangements for the wake can be draining, especially on top of their own grief.

Witnessing this dynamic – the loved ones who have time available to them struggling with grief, and those dealing with less emotional stress, lacking the time – ignited a spark within me. I envisioned a service like A Touching Finish that bridges this gap. By offering compassionate support and practical assistance, we allow families to grieve freely while ensuring a personalised and dignified farewell for their loved one. We take care of all the planning and logistics, allowing families to focus on what truly matters - creating a meaningful celebration that reflects the life and spirit of the departed – an unforgettable day of remembrance.

A beautiful display of candles and flowers in vases, creating a personalised and memorable experience at a loved one's wake
A collection of old photographs and maps on a table, gathered to be displayed at a wake, to create a personalised experience
A display of candles and lanterns to create a beautiful atmosphere perfect for a meaningful wake for a loved one.
A single vase containing beautiful flowers to adorn the guests' table at a wake, and create a personalised, memorable experience
A pair of brightly coloured flower arrangements on a table at a wake, reflecting the personality and favourite blooms of the loved one who has passed away